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by Edictum

Ancient 06:07
lack of communication leading to disinclination of the foreigner's nation loosing your reputation keep the world not for yourself keep the world not for yourself keep the world not for yourself keep the world not for yourself
Swampland 04:45
Endeavour 04:32
we endeavour more than ever
Art 05:04
Kunstwerke sind überflüssig. Es ist zwar notwendig sie zu schaffen, aber nicht, sie zu zeigen. Wer Kunst in sich hat, braucht den fremden Anlass nicht, wer sie nicht hat, sieht nie den Anlass.
Tossed About 04:45
too many things distract me here sometimes it's better to disappear after regaining back control I again am feeling whole facing issues still to come feeling nature keeps me calm otherwise all energy is lost broken down and tossed about
If my mind lives in a dream, oh I can't tell what's right or wrong, just don't feel part of the stream, no idea where I belong.
Not Enough 04:11
it's not enough, i work all day and never reach it it's not enough, i try so hard and never keep it it's not enough, what should i do to finally break through? It's really tough, my only way is make it with you
1000 Faces 04:58
I'm walking down the shadow lane feeling deep inside that pain gazin' at the neon lights breaking through the darkest nights Entering a nightclub out of many several faces - I don't know any I'm ordering a drink for me The pain is gone, I'm breaking free After many years of trouble, music helped me out this bubble, I'm dancing now until tomorrow, finally get rid of all my sorrow The only thing I'm missing out a beloved one to care about. I'm ordering a drink for me The pain is gone, I'm breaking free
The End 05:45
All things must come to an end, make sure your time is not misspent. You should never struggle for too long, to make decisions is nothing wrong!


To obtain that 80s sound, ERA was recorded using a lot of vintage gear like DW-8000, Poly-800, DX-7, D-50, W-30, JD-800, JX-3P, alpha Juno 2 and MS-20 mini.
To increase to retro-futuristic character of the vocals, tools like Chip-Speech algorithms, Vocoders and a Talkbox were used.

Ancient and Swampland were already featured by the well-known Youtube-Channel "New Retro Wave" and after a number of requests, I decided to condense the year's best tracks into an album and remaster them to make it a coherent experience.

I hope you enjoy it!


released October 31, 2017

music: Simon Krauter
cover design: Stefan Chab


all rights reserved



Edictum Klosterneuburg, Austria

It is said that scientists are rarely exposed to sunlight. Edictum is no exception. As dusk falls, after escaping chemistry lab, the urge to synthesize on is burning the midnight oil. Test tubes are replaced with knobs and keys and synthetic compounds with synthetic soundscapes. Samples are absorbed into the experiment to create something new, something unique and - occasionally - something mad. ... more

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