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by Edictum

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Pash Bridges
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Pash Bridges Edictum returns with another impressive album that breaks the boundaries of synthwave. From early 90s influences (Take Me Away) to retro electro & breakbit sounds (Beyond Doubt!) and of course, beautiful retro synth journeys like Drifting Away & Final Descent, this is mature and diverse album that has a lot more to offer then your typical synthwave release. Highly recommended! Favorite track: Final Descent.
Sublime 04:20
I Love You
Take Me Away
Beyond Doubt 04:15
So sweet so sweet love seat petite You’re too worn out but still able to sit tight. Dwell in this place of loneliness - I might Take this pills and swallow everything. Engulf, consume - into catastrophe The wax, the spoon, the needle, the broom – I need some amnesty. My poisenous beauty won’t you share your rest with me? Everything I ever had - turns to dust - with spinning head onward I thrust So tight so tight … so right so right Rememorize your sweet flesh, now set the clock back to start. Indeed your tits leave no mark - to pick apart. Let’s play some golf, we won’t need clubs for that. We can also play pool when the holes are nice and wet - together we will heal the world with our tantric union - I’m a sportsman you know? I'm a god you know? Everything I ever had - turns to dust - with spinning head - onward I thrust Hell in mind - mind the fear - fear the room - the room of doom Hell in mind - mind the fear - fear the room - the room of doom... So sweet so sweet sweep the people from their feet So sweet so sweet sweep the people from their feet...
Haze 01:58
Odd World 02:44
Revelation 03:47


Somaesthesia describes the body’s sensoric perception like pain, heat or position. In the age of machines and digital revolution this ability is no longer restricted solely to living creatures, especially humans. Against this background, the question arises what really makes us human. Is it feelings, emotions, social interaction or even love? What if androids were capable of the same? Where would you draw the line?
Edictum’s third album Somaesthesia reflects this philosophical question it in a unique musical way and takes you on a journey through mind and soul.

Selected as album of the week: www.synthwavefan.nl


released September 27, 2019

All tracks written and produced by Simon Krauter
Track 2,3,5: Vocals by Vici
Track 7: Lyrics & Vocals by Stefan Potesil
Track 9: Lyrics, Vocals & Guitar by Andreas Gaubitzer
Track 10: Guitar by Marco Filippovits
Artwork by Bianca Serp & Rolly Rocket rollyrocket.com


all rights reserved



Edictum Klosterneuburg, Austria

It is said that scientists are rarely exposed to sunlight. Edictum is no exception. As dusk falls, after escaping chemistry lab, the urge to synthesize on is burning the midnight oil. Test tubes are replaced with knobs and keys and synthetic compounds with synthetic soundscapes. Samples are absorbed into the experiment to create something new, something unique and - occasionally - something mad. ... more

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